Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is a timber bamboo, is a species of plant in the bamboo plants, subfamily of the grass family Gramminaea – Poaceae.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is a tall, robust evergreen plant growing quickly to 8 m or more, with strong yellow canes to 10 cm in diameter. Sources vary as to the maximum height, with one source quoting 21 m.

Initially forming clumps, the plants will eventually establish large thickets with underground running rhizomes, unless artificially restricted. Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is frequently found in cultivation, and has vivid yellow canes striped with green. It is suitable for parks or large gardens, and is hardy down to at least −15 °C.

This long live plant will give beauty to every garden or balcony.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is a timber bamboo Best prices

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