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SLS LIGHTING designs, develops and manufactures in Greece a wide range of high quality LED luminaires for industrial and professional use.

SLS LIGHTING has more than 20 years of experience in outdoor lighting projects.

The company has extensive knowledge in lighting and led thermal management, with specialization in LED FLOODS for large areas, great heights, sports grounds, warehouses, factories, harsh environmental conditions, marine and underwater lighting, and is able to offer unique solutions in high demanding projects.

SLS HORTI – a subdivision of the Greek company SLS – is specialized in lighting for agriculture purposes.

All SLS LED SYSTEMS are designed to maximize efficiency and endurance. Moreover, SLS HORTI aims at maximizing the growth potential and quality of Greenhouse plants.

With many years of Research and Development, we are proud to provide both professionals and home growers with a unique SOLUTION focused on:

Energy Efficiency. Adjustable low consumption LED systems with digitally controlled Watts and on/off cycle.

Precision Lighting according to Growth. Digitally controlled full spectrum, white, red, far red and UV lights programmed to respond to the needs of the plant, according to its growth phase.

Maintenance Free. Based on our innovative passive cooling aluminum system (PATENTED), with only the absolutely necessary parts for performance and durability, LED chips work at a very low temperature – as low as 55o C- thus ensuring more than 100,000 hours of continuous operation with consistent performance. Our drivers don’t have electrolytic capacitors and come with a 10 year Warranty that we also offer for the whole product – independently of the environmental work conditions and use.

With 3 patents in our company and the care and precision of our manufacturing team, we are proud to offer you the BEST PRODUCT and solution for the exact grower needs.

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